New Curious Postcards – chosen by eighty thousand people with excellent taste

We made Curious Postcards for the people that love us. All of the original artwork across the postcards comes straight from our talented in-house designers. They’re a collection of the posts on our Facebook page that our fans loved the most. All 81,614 of them

As such, we’re sending them free – yes, shipping included – to anyone who refers a friend to buy a book.

All you have to do is send a friend your unique referral code that they’ll enter at checkout. Find your code under the “FREE GIFTS” tab of your account page just here.

They get a 15% discount. You get a free collection of glorious postcards. Some lucky duck somewhere gets a book with their name on the cover. And we get to feel quite lovely about what we do for a living.


Why postcards?

We live in a digital world. And we still believe in ink and paper.

We help people use their devices to make printed-and-bound books. Because there’s little better than holding a present in your hand that was made just for you.

For exactly this reason, we still believe in sending real live letters through the post. There’s nothing so magic as finding a little love in your mailbox.

A real live letter means knowing that someone cares about you so much, they sent their love over the river and through the woods to your door.

That’s why we made Curious Postcards.

And that’s why we want to give them away to people who love us.

Saying “thank you” to the people that keep us doing what we’re doing

The absolute best part of my job is the stories of people who love our books.

People who, like us, still believe in ink and paper in a digital age. People who are several shades more curious than average. People who care about putting in a little extra effort for the ones they love.

I read every gushing comment, every happy review, every kind email that people send in. They tell us about making their mum’s whole week. And about a crotchety uncle who suddenly got a lump in his throat. And how they pulled off a successful marriage proposal using the book as a prop.

We even have a special channel in our company chat where we share the loveliest customer feedback. And recently, we’ve been talking there about how to give back to the people who love to talk about us.

Curious Postcards are a way to help the people who love to talk about us… talk to each other.

It turns out our eighty thousand fans have pretty good collective taste

You love the giddy bits of language (like “PRICKET” and “CRAPULOUS”). You can’t get enough of baffling historical oddments. You want to know about the shape of wombat poo and what Terry Pratchett has to say about fungi. Because, after all, these things are really quite important.

These postcards are the just sort of novel hodgepodge that makes people exclaim – where in the world did you find THIS?

Will you reveal your secret source for all things curious? That’s up to you.

More referral gifts coming oh-so-soon. Let me know what you’d like to see us make next in the comments below.




  1. Hi there,

    Stefanie, who got her book as a birthday present from me, was absolutely floored. She wrote that it quite possibly was the best birtday present she ever got. Not bad, methinks. 🙂

    Best regards,

    • The world is a measurably better place with The Book of Stephanie in it <3 Simply thrilled to hear that she loved the book you made for her, Erika!

  2. Andrew Busby Reply

    I got the book of Tina for my wife at Christmas, tears in her eyes said it all wonderful thank you

  3. LorrainIe Singleton Reply

    I got the book of everyone for my brothers 60th it was very much appreciated I highly recommend it,and the amount of people who are now going to give as a pressie who think it is a great idea for anyone thats difficult to buy for

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