Six Valentine’s Day gifts for her with a difference

This wasn’t supposed to happen again. You’ve mastered remembering her whole family’s birthdays. You’re even a dab hand at loading the dishwasher the “right” way. The one thing you haven’t got the hang of is gift buying. You’re infamous for waiting until the very last minute and then panic-buying something obvious and uninspired. And now Valentine’s is just around the corner…

Relax. I’ve got you covered. I’ve looked high and low to find six potential Valentine’s Day gifts for her with a difference.

1. An avocado pit  

Stick with me on this one, I promise it’s way more romantic than you might think. If you’re smart you’ll hollow out an avocado to retrieve your pit yourself, and put the scooped out goodness on toast to make a delicious Valentine’s breakfast. Avocado trees take between five and 13 years to start producing avocados. So giving an avocado pit as a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend is a funny way to demonstrate your lasting love.

It’s also a great way to guarantee that your relationship has a constant supply of the millennial breakfast of choice.

2. A humping dinosaur necklace

If you and your better half just happen to have had your first date a natural history museum, or bonded over a mutual love of all things Jurassic Park then here’s the perfect gift. A fourteen karat gold necklace just for your very own Dr Ellie Sattler. This tasteful little item dispenses with the usual heart and cherubs Valentine’s fare and shows two dinosaurs doing their very best to – ahem – avoid extinction.

This could well be the right gift for your girlfriend if you want her to know that love, like life, finds a way.

3. Pug face t-shirt

If your sweetheart is a dog lover who’s also a fan of making the odd bold statement or two with their fashion sense then step this way. Combining all the weird-faced cuteness of pugs with the comfortable cool of a big old oversized t-shirt. It might not be to everyone’s taste but it will certainly raise a some eyebrows when you’re are out and about.

And if you really want to show your commitment to your true love, you should probably get yourself a matching t-shirt so that you and your GF can strut your pug stuff together.

4. Pillow talk heart radios

Ideal for when you two are sleeping apart from each other, but still want to feel close. You each wear one of these devices on your wrist when you go to bed at night. Through all manner of techno wizardry they sync to your heartbeat and then transmit it to a speaker under your better half’s pillow. So even though you might find yourselves sleeping in different beds, it’ll be just like she has her head on your chest while both drift off to sleep.

And if your partner is sometimes prone to taking up the whole bed or deciding that they need the entire duvet to themselves, this might also be a handy solution for when you need the occasional night on the sofa to get some sleep.

5. And for your single female friends 

And if you are buying a gift for a female friend who currently happens to be single but who enjoys nothing more than cuddle up with someone when falling asleep then a trusty boyfriend pillow is a way to spread a little Valentine’s love.

6. A personalised book all about her 

Of course, if the idea of presenting the woman in your life with an avocado pit, or of being seen in public in matching pug t-shirts is a little too “different” for you then you could always try making your GF a personalised book all about her. Make an inspired Valentine’s Day present that’s all about her. Fill it with heartfelt messages and add in photos. Share the memory of your first kiss, or the time you did you know what, you know where.

Best of all, the digital version of the book is ready within two hours. So don’t resort to the last bouquet at the petrol station, make a personalised book celebrating her on every page.


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