Six Valentine’s Day gifts for him with a difference

I pride myself on being pretty original when it comes to gift giving. And yet there I was, Valentine’s Day 2017 coming up, and no inspiration in sight. I found myself looking at page after page of gifts so boringly obvious it actually made me feel a little queasy. Forget love giving you butterflies, I was nauseous. 

This year I’ve spent a little time tracking down gifts that are a tad out of the ordinary. Scoured to the very bowels of the internet and found six Valentine’s Day gifts for him with a difference.

1. Hiss and hers cockroaches

Yup, that’s right: cockroaches. Since 2011 The Bronx Zoo has been offering people the chance to adopt their soulmate a literal love bug. Each adoption comes with a digital certificate so that your loved one knows that there is now a Madagascar hissing cockroach named in their honour.

So there you go, adopt him a roach and show him that that your love will survive anything. Even nuclear war.

2. Heart mittens

If despite his claims to be “your big strong hero” your BF is prone to shoving his hands in his pockets on cold days when you take a romantic walk then this is the gift for you. A delightful heart shaped mitten for two means everybody wins. You get to hold hands, your guy gets to keep his hand warm.

And the size and bright red colour of the mitten let’s you both declare your love for all the world to see as you stroll.

3. Bacon flavoured jelly beans

The old cliche goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So if your fella has always longed for a way to indulge his sweet tooth and his taste for bacon at the very same time then here’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. All the plasticy goodness of jelly beans, combined with all the taste of a freshly fried rasher of bacon.

Because nothing says “be still my beating heart” quite like sugar and fat.

4. Matching 8-Bit dynamic t-shirts

Let your love for each other light up your lives, or the front of your t-shirts at least. This clever clothing uses radio signals to figure out how far you are from your lover. When you’re apart only a couple of the pixelated hearts across the chest are illuminated, symbolising the distance between you. But, as you get closer your love hearts burn brighter and once you’re in hugging range all six hearts will be aglow.

I’m not sure what the rules are for when the batteries run out though. Maybe you have to stay apart until one of you has had a chance to go to the shop?

5. And for your single male friends…

If you have a single friend who might feel left out this Valentine’s then rest assured, you can help them out by playing virtual cupid. Just point them in the direction of the Invisible Girlfriend app.

The app uses smart technology and real life creative writes to help singletons to construct a virtual girlfriend for themselves to interact with during the lovey doviest day of the year.

6. A personalised book all about him

Of course, if the idea of adopting a cockroach, or wearing matching light up t-shirts is a little too “different” for you then you could always try making the man in your life a personalised book all about him. Make an inspired Valentine’s Day present that’s all about him. Fill it with heartfelt messages. Share the memory of your first kiss, or the time you did you know what, you know where.

Best of all, you can add up to ten photos to his book. So, he’ll have no excuses for not having sentimental photos of you together to show his mates.

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