The UK’s real romantic spots are definitely not what you’d expect

If you were asked to imagine the most romantic places on earth, I expect top of mind would be one of the classics such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a snowy New Year’s Eve at Times Square, sipping Piñacolads in the Caribbean, or being serenaded down the waterways of Venice. I’m guessing, Bromley Wetherspoons probably wasn’t top of mind. Or Doncaster A&E.

They say that love moves in mysterious ways, but, in the homeware department at Debenhams in Greenhill? Yes, it most certainly did.

According to John & Cara, love hit them like a bolt of lightning somewhere between soft furnishings and bath mats. If the evidence is to be believed, cupid is a little more down to earth than the movies make out, and this affectionate little cherub is inclined to twang his love bow in the most unlikely places. Real romance seems to happen where you least expect it.

We stumbled upon the truth when we launched The Map of Everyone; a new gift to immortalise the places behind your favourite memories – you know,  where you had that first kiss, where you tied the knot, that unforgettable honeymoon.

We posted a video showing tearful reactions of loved ones as they saw their personalised map for the first time. One of the maps featured was romantically titled ‘Barcelona, all you need is love’. The video caused an avalanche of comments where viewers told the actual stories of where they had fallen in love.  You’ll find them on the map below, just click on each heart to reveal the lustful details…

Do you have an unexpected romantic spot?

Tell us your own unique, unglamorous or altogether unlikely places where love was in the air by leaving a comment in this Facebook post and we’ll add them to the map below. So this Valentine’s day we can all celebrate the truth:  for sparks to fly, it’s not where you are that really matters. It’s who you’re with.

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