The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day… it’s a tricky customer. 

There’s much to think about. How does your other half feel about Valentine’s Day? Will you be able to strike that balance between making a fuss but not overdoing it? Where can I dump the kids for the night?    

Not to mention what the hell are you going to get them as a gift? 

It’s a little easier if you’ve been married for years. You know each other inside out, have your own habits and traditions, everything runs like clockwork. Flowers and a fancy meal; perfect! Chocolates, a bottle of wine and a takeaway; nice! 

But then you have to ask, where’s the spontaneity? 

And what if it’s one of the first Valentine’s (first-full-stop, first living together, first with a little bundle of joy, etc. etc.). 

Each of these can present its own tricky challenge, obstacles that need to be thoughtfully negotiated with care. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, going too big can be as big a crime as skimping on cost and effort.  

Nobody wants to get it wrong, but it’s easily done. Just ask Julie. 

She chartered a helicopter to surprise her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, failing to note his crippling fear of heights. After coaxing him onto the chopper it then proceeded to crash almost immediately after takeoff. 

Luckily everyone walked away without injury, but it was their relationship that took the brunt of the damage (as well as the helicopter) and it was the beginning of the end for them. 

Or maybe something a little more relatable, flowers. Just a quick Reddit search proffers endless accounts of blossoming failures. Bunches that were too cheap or too expensive, wilting red roses and bouquets more appropriate for a funeral. It’s easier than you think to make a flower-related gaff.  

To ensure you don’t fall at this hurdle, here you have our Valentine’s Gift Guide, neatly broken down by the time you’ve been together. This is our foolproof, have-no-fear 100% guarantee that this year, if you follow our instruction, you will not go wrong.*

*This in no way constitutes any guarantee*   

<3 months

love is being stupid together mug personalised gift

It’s important to tread carefully in these early days. Yes, it’s all fresh and exciting, but one wrong move could put the fear of God into them and the next time you look up they’ll be running for the hills. 

You can’t go too showy, but you want to show you’ve not just bought off the shelf. A little bit of personality, keep it fun and don’t spend too much. 

My advice here is a personalised mug or journal. Do you know their favourite TV show or film that you could quote? Why not create an avatar that represents the things you like about them in our Fabulous Gift Generator?   

3-12 months

the book of romance personalised books

If you make it through the 3, 4, 5 and 6-month milestones then things are likely getting serious. You’re really getting to know each other by now and you’ve hit that stage where you have inside jokes and “couple” anecdotes. 

Again, don’t overdo the spending (otherwise it begs the question, what shortcomings in the relationship are you covering up with pricey gifts?).  

I suggest the Book of Romance. It’s a great way to tell someone how much you care and you can include so much of their personality in the book. It’s also something they can return to time and time again as your relationship grows.  

1-7 years

romantic map personalised gifts

By this stage, you’ll already have shared a fair number of Valentines’, Christmases and birthdays together so you’ll have had many opportunities to buy gifts that speak to how you feel about them.

The Romantic Map makes for a beautiful, original gift at this stage of your life together. You’ll have many shared experiences, so it will be fun reimagining them and coming up with the perfect location to celebrate. Could be a wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or a first home. 

Then all that’s left to do is find the perfect photo to add to your map!    

7+ years

couples book romance personalise gifts

You know each other better than you know yourselves. You’ll have so countless wonderful memories and shared moments together, so this Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate the wonder that is the two of you and your relationship with The Couples Book.  

It’s a truly original romantic gift that celebrates why two people are perfect for each other. You’ll probably find yourself laughing and crying as you create your masterpiece, but what a wonderful way to say I love you.   

Do you know the biggest red flag of all? It’s a generic, thoughtless gift on Valentine’s Day. It’s not compulsory, but if you do decide to exchange gifts this year then make sure it reflects who they are. Do that and I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park. 

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