Video series: Why celebrate love?

In chaotic times, it can be too easy to forget what’s really important. So this month, we’re celebrating love.

We’ve been collaborating with director Ben Gordon on a series of three beautiful shorts. Each explores small indicators in the world around us, reminding us that love is still the one thing we all share.

The theme of the love locks people fasten to bridges runs throughout all three shorts. Some people think they’re beautiful, other people think they’re a blight. Mostly, people don’t think about them at all.

These shorts invite you to take a break from all the fear and confusion these days and think about these miniature symbols of love.


When we look down a bridge covered in locks, we’re looking at a thousand snapshots in time.

Each lock represents a moment that two people chose to celebrate love.

How old was each person when they fastened it? Do locks left by older folks who have been together for a lifetime mean more than locks left by the young?

How long had the two been in a relationship? How did they meet, and what were they doing in the city? Perhaps they were visiting on holiday, and one brought the lock secretly in their luggage. Or perhaps they had met that very same day, and they just knew.

Where did they go afterwards? Do you think they celebrated with champagne, and perhaps exquisite nibbles simmered in goose fat? Did they have their first kiss? Have their ten thousandth kiss? Did they snap a selfie? How many likes did it get?

Are they still together today? Does it really matter? Their moment is locked forever (well, until some government official swings by with a bolt cutter…).

Do they ever think about their love lock?

Every lock is as different as every relationship – but the symbolism rings true to everyone who crosses the bridge. Love is the one thing we all share, and yet we can only ever experience love through our own hearts.


People always say that you should enjoy the journey more than the destination. But what does that really mean?

Look at the people around you. What journey brought them to be where they are now? In what ways did their path form who they are? And where will it take them tomorrow?

Sometimes we don’t understand other people, both those we love and those we fear. It’s easy to forget that they are who they are because of their own long, complex journey. It’s brought them where they are today. And so has yours.

It’s impossible to stay in one moment forever. But that’s no reason to despair. In fact, it might be the very fleeting nature of moments that makes them so special.

My dad used to say, “Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery.” So celebrate the moment where you are now.

After all, it’s part of your very own beautiful journey.


These days, the newsreel can feel like a crushing series of blows coming down on your head, one after another.

There’s a temptation to view everyone around you as just a little bit colder.

Do you feel that current just under your feet, beckoning you out to swim with your fears? I do. And those waters are shark-infested.

But you don’t have to give in. Perhaps now more than ever, the choice to celebrate love is critical.

This isn’t about Valentine’s Day (although it makes a wonderful excuse to express love, in case you need a little push). Celebrating love shouldn’t start and end with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates.

Celebrating love is a choice you can make – no matter what moment you’re in.

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