Why we need a big serving of nostalgia to finish 2020.

Last week I was with the kids as we drove past the hospital where they were born. I thought it would be a good time to talk to them about the miracle that is life. 

“Kids, you see the building in front of you?  That’s where you both took your first breath in this world.”  

The car fell quiet as this thought sunk in. It’s not easy to get the attention of 7 and 11-year-old boys, let alone get them to ponder their own existence. 

Every time I see the hospital, I’m reminded of the feeling of becoming a parent for the first time.  It’s overwhelming and humbling.  It’s the moment you feel the weight of responsibility for helping create a human life.  A life you will love and desperately protect from their first breath to your last.

When I think back to that first year, all the fears, the self-doubts and exhaustion have faded over time, leaving just the nostalgia flickering like a 16mm film: proud parent photos and teary-eyed in-laws, wobbly first steps on chubby little bow legs, happy faces covered in bolognese and chocolate and ice cream.

I looked in the rearview mirror, my heart swelling with pride. Like most parents, my wife and I had made mistakes along the way, but sitting in the backseat were two healthy and beautiful human beings.

“So boys, what do you think about taking your first breath right there. Amazing, eh?”

My eldest turned to his brother.

 “You were one ugly baby Leo”. 

He broke into a fit of laughter. Leo retaliated by jabbing a finger in his cheek. The warm blanket of nostalgia was tugged away from me, leaving me exposed to the reality of car journeys with kids.

Nostalgia is a big hug from the past, something we can all call upon when in need. It induces a surge of optimism and a feeling of connectedness to those around you.  They say it even boosts your immune system making you resilient and ready to face the future. If the world needs one thing this Christmas it’s a generous serving of nostalgia.

To help you tap into your nostalgia banks and celebrate those special moments with partners, friends and family, we’ve added some beautiful new markers to our personalised maps to pinpoint where those memories took place. In addition, we’re very proud to share with you our new photo map! It’s proving to be quite a hit.

The New Birth Map

New Birth Map

The  Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary Map

Anniversary Wedding Engagement Map

The Good Times Map

Good times Map Party

The Big Romantic Map

Big Romantic Map

The Our Story Map

Our Love Story Map

The Photo Map

The Photo Map Coming Soon

So dive back in time to your favourite places with your favourite people.

Nostalgia is the glue to keep them close. 

“Enough! Stop fighting in the back or no ipads for 24 hours!”, I yelled. 

The car fell silent again. 

I grabbed my nostalgia blanket and wrapped myself back up…..mmmmm.

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