Where does mischievousness come from?

Despite the ground being bone dry this morning, I squelched uncomfortably around my daily run.

I can thank my 7-year old Leo. He decided to hide water balloons in my running shoes. Only one exploded, giving a peculiarly odd squelch-thud-squelch beat to my run. Leo is naturally mischievous. It’s his default state of mind  Our elder son requires more of a nudge to naughtiness. Like me, I think.

kid mischievous fathers day

During my run, I had plenty of time to contemplate whether this mischievousness came from my wife or me. We enjoy claiming the genius in our children as our own and blaming any unsavoury habits firmly on the other side of the family. I’m aware this is not in the Good Parenting Guide.

One thing I knew for sure, is that I wouldn’t have done it to my father. That wouldn’t have been funny. Yet, it was funny so I couldn’t tell Leo off. But, there was nothing against a taste of his own medicine. Just for the record, I feel my wife wouldn’t have done this. 

dad mischievous fathers day water ballon

I put the unexploded balloon in his shoe and waited down the hall for the usual school rush. He was in a particularly moany mood. This was going to be good…

He chose to wear sandals today.

Especially to those fathers where mischievousness doesn’t run in the family, it gallops.

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