Why create a video celebration with The Video of Everyone?

We believe in the power of celebrations: of the largest, most spectacular happenings down to the mundane moments that make everyday life wonderful. Of course you’ll celebrate birthdays and weddings, but there’s nothing wrong with injecting a little joy into your day-to-day. 

Ticked a particularly dull task off your to-do list? Celebrate with a biscuit! Run into an old friend on the street? Celebrate by sharing a coffee! Friend having a tooth out? Celebrate their tooth’s newfound freedom by buying it a really tiny hat

To help you celebrate each occasion and the magnificent people at the heart of them on a significantly larger, more heartfelt scale, we created The Video of Everyone: a free collaborative video celebration platform for any and every occasion. 

So far The Video of Everyone has been used to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. To mark graduations, retirements, and new jobs. Get-well-soon and thank-you wishes. There have been lots of dogs. Grown men have wept, couples have gotten engaged. 

It’s been a thrill. 

But you may still wonder, ‘Why should I make a video celebration with The Video of Everyone?.

I’m glad you asked. 

Make the recipient feel good 

Science has our backs on this one. According to recent studies, when people see photos of their loved ones, the happy areas of their brains light up, and they experience heightened levels of dopamine and serotonin, i.e. the hormonal cocktail of happiness. 

Even better, further research has demonstrated the impact of deeper connections on one’s wellbeing: People who saw their long-term romantic partners or their relatives experienced higher thresholds of pain during medical interventions. 

Put more simply, seeing your loved one literally, physically makes you feel good. Seeing all your loved ones in videos of loving affection? Well, that must make you feel pretty gosh-darn fantastic.

And what better gift than making the recipient feel loved and appreciated? None.  

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Create a group gift 

Imagine having to agree on a gift for your daughter’s birthday, together with 37 other people. Not just any 37 other people, but 37 people living in at least 7 different towns, if not countries, from 4 different age groups, who cannot even agree on a single movie to watch or a single Nando’s order. How’s that gift going? Terrible? We thought so. 

Now imagine being able to pick the perfect gift that your daughter will love with no (or at least fewer) headaches than before, with all the collaborators being able to add their own pizzazz, for a total cost of zero. 

That’s what The Video of Everyone allows you to do: create, together with a dozen other people, a show-stopping group present, as colourful and heart-melting as the crowd of wonderful humans who inhabit it. For free. Group gifts have never been easier. 

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Not be boring

We all love giving creative, original, thoughtful presents. But after a dozen gift exchanges, our originality reserves can dry up. Then the inevitable happens, and we get that very special person a very unspecial gift. Think scarves, kitchen utensils, shampoo sets. Boring gifts and clutter abound, the art of giving and receiving gifts warps into a dreaded chore; a mere formality. 

Your recipient deserves better. 

You can do better. 

Remember those dreadful socks you got them last year? They’ll be blown straight off by your dashing video celebration. The Video of Everyone gives you the freedom to go as wild as you can and want. Pick a theme for the videos, choose a song for all video creators to sing or dance along to, ask them to wear a ridiculous prop, involve people’s pets. The limit to your celebration does not exist. 

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Capture their greatness

Does a jumper say ‘Mum, you’re absolutely awesome’? More often than not, it doesn’t. A video celebration with 24 people thanking your Mum for bringing tea and snacks to choir practice, for driving them home after a night out, for organising a fundraiser for their sick cat? That’s more like it. 

The thing is, truly incredible humans not only are a rarity, but they also don’t always receive the recognition they deserve. Gifts are a way of showing them how special they are, but giving them just stuff doesn’t really capture people’s greatness. Instead, a collection of messages of love and gratitude from their most cherished people who put a bit of effort to celebrate them and everything that makes them wonderful would truly hit the mark. 

Convinced how brilliant The Video of Everyone is? Great. Now go ahead and make someone’s day by creating a one-of-a-kind video celebration for them.

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