Why we built The Fabulous Personalised Gift Generator for you

When we started the book of everyone 8 years ago things were different.

Elon Musk didn’t rule the universe,  you had to wait a week rather than a second to see the next episode in your favourite series, and when your food arrived in a restaurant, eating it was more of a thing than instagramming it. 

Back then, small companies with great products could be easily discovered through social media and we believed that everyone could be celebrated with a book with their name on the cover.  Fired up and full of energy (despite being middle-aged dads), this was our mission.

Five years we thought. 

Skip forward to now and a journey of joyful highs and humbling lows, and just 0.0001 of the planet have a book with their name on the cover. Yes, being discovered got harder. Despite wearing 15kg pregnancy bellies for a month!

So to survive and continue our mission we put on our thinking hats and invented some other great gifts for the times when you weren’t buying our books.

We gave you a unique way to turn your favourite memories into wall art. Then a way to celebrate loved ones with our free collaborative video celebration service.  

These new gifts were loved  – nearly as much as our books. 

There was still room for a range of gifts that saved you time shopping around at Christmas – the one time of the year when your gift list is long and finding something perfect for everyone takes time. 

So we built you The Fabulous Personalised Gift Generator. A fun way to create personalised gifts of all kinds for friends and family. 

You can design  mugs, journals,  cushions,  blanketscoasters, canvases, art tiles  and fridge magnetsYou’ll find hundreds of funny quotes to inspire your message and templates to help your design should you need them.

Here are a few of my favourites:

canvas fabulous personalised gift generator

magnet fabulous gift generator
personalised cushion fabulous gift generator
fabulous personalised gift generator cushion
personalised mug fabulous gift generator
pack of 4 coasters personalised gift generator
journal personalised fabulous gift generator

Just click on any of the above images to customise your own. 

We’ve been too busy to change our name from TheBookofEveryone to PersonalisedGiftsForEveryone, or something snappy like that. But, we’re good with that for now as  we still want to finish our original mission of celebrating everyone with a book with their name on the cover.  Bearing in mind we’ve got another seven billion books or so to go, we’ve just released a book that celebrates two people at once! Smart, eh? 

The Couples Book.Made for anniversaries, engagements, weddings and any other romantic occasion. Sentimental and beautiful but never sappy! 

the couples book the book of everyone love

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping us chip away at our mission. Every gift you buy from us is hugely appreciated. I hope you like The Fabulous Gift Generator (let us know either way) – your feedback is always welcome and helps us make our gifts better.

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