Wise(ish) Words for Everyone (and anyone)

With some brand new additions to our Wise(ish) Words range we’re a HUGE step closer to achieving our aim of offering a book for everyone.

Now you can make a personalised book for just about anyone in your life. We want you to use our Wise(ish) Words book to celebrate the special people in your life and the things that make them so amazing.

You can use our handpicked quotes or get inspired and make a book that’s really personal by taking control yourself and filling the pages with your own words.

Fill the pages with whatever you like, it’s totally up to you. Relive the good times you’ve shared, remember the jokes you’ve had, celebrate their hobbies and passions, and maybe – just maybe – offer them a wise(ish) word or two.  

All-new quotes for 2019, for Foodies, for Wine Lovers, Optimists, Grumps, Gardeners and more

We’ve added some all-new sets of quotes to the range to help get your creative juices flowing.

“Take more bubble baths.”

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year so if you know someone who’d enjoy a book filled with words for winning at life in 2019 then we can get you started with some sage advice for coming out on top in the next twelve months.

“Count the memories, not the calories.”

Cheers to that! If you know someone with a passion for sampling the tastiest platefuls or sampling a glass or two of the finest grapes, then how about creating them a Wise(ish) Words book for Foodies or Wine Lovers?

“There is no grumpy way to whistle a tune. Try it.”

We all know them, those people who are eternally and unstoppably cheerful. They’re so committed to looking on the bright side that they should always be wearing sunglasses. And then there’s their opposite numbers, those lovable grumps who you can rely on to find the cloud in any silver lining. Luckily, we’ve got Wise(ish) Words to help you let them both know you love them just the way they are.

Brand new special editions for New Parents, Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers and more

As well as creating the new sets of quotes to help you make the perfect book for someone you know, we’ve also been hard at work on some very exciting special editions to help you celebrate one of life’s big moments or whatever it is that makes their life complete.

Complete with their own artwork conjured up by our incredibly talented designers, each of the special edition books comes complete with it’s own a selection of quotes.

“Read your baby, not your baby book.”

Each new parent is perfect in their own way, they don’t need advice for that. But a few wise(ish) words from you might let them know that it’s totally normal to be changing the fifth nappy that day and idly dreaming about getting a full night’s sleep the same way they used to dream of winning the lottery.

“Overnight success takes at least 5 years.”

Graduating from something shows the world that someone is officially a clever clogs. Bravo! But everybody knows that learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom and that the things you learn in school are only half the story. So why not celebrate their big old brain and offer them tip or two from your own life lessons?

“Happiness a long walk to a short putt.”

Golf is a game that combines smart clothes and scruffy shots, long drives with short walks, and where laying in the sand is anything but relaxing. If you’re a golfer, it’s heaven and hell at the same time. If you’re not a golfer, it’s frankly baffling. No matter whether you’re someone’s regular rival on the back nine, or you don’t know a pitching wedge from a potato wedge, here’s a book the help you celebrate someone’s love of finding the fairway.

We’re super proud of our Wise(ish) Words books. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of the new range. We didn’t even have time to mention our Wise(ish) Words for Dog Lovers and Wise(ish) Words for Cat Lovers! Just as well you can read all about them here.

And, of course, you can also still go back to where it all started and make a Wise(ish) Words for Kids book filled with your smartest or silliest advice, tips, and pearls of wisdom for the coolest kids you know.

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