Do you know someone who deserves to be immortalised?

It’s your friend or your neighbour. Someone who has made a difference to the people around them. Someone who goes above and beyond to help their community. We’re looking for those unsung heroes who transform everyday life into something uniquely wonderful.

We want to give them a monumental thank you

We have enlisted the help of internationally renowned artist Alex Lumsden to create a bronze sculpture celebrating the winner. The final masterpiece will be unveiled in front of their local community and displayed in a heroically befitting place.

How to nominate your Humble Hero

  • 1. Upload a video telling us about about your hero

  • 2. Invite others to add their own video messages

  • 3. Get as many messages as you can before 20th October

artist Alex Lumsden sat behind a table, with a clay sculpture of a man's head

About the sculptor

Alex Lumsden is an internationally-exhibited artist and sculptor with a focus on human identity. His passion for local communities and the selfless act of honouring others inspired him to get involved in our Humble Heroes campaign.

With this project, I want to see and feel the strength of local communities […] I hope to experience something I have not seen before.

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