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The Fabulous Gift Generator Preview

The Fabulous Gift Generator

From £6

Create gifts bursting with character for all your friends and family. Add joy to occasions big and small.

The Couples Book Preview

The Couples Book

From £26

This original romantic gift is all about what makes two people perfect for each other. A unique gift for your other half or that special couple you love.

The Milestone Edition Preview

The Milestone Edition

From £26

A special gift for an equally special birthday, personalised with your photos, unique illustrations, and curious facts.

The Book of Everyone Preview

The Book of Everyone

From £26

Gift them a one-of-a-kind, personalised book full of charming illustrations and curious facts based on their date of birth.

The Map of Everyone Preview

The Map of Everyone

From £39

Turn your meaningful life moments into stylish personalised maps. Enter a location, select your style and add a message and photo for a unique gift.

The Romantic Edition Preview

The Romantic Edition

From £26

Gift your partner the one-of-a-kind keepsake as unique as your special relationship, worth infinite brownie points.

Wise(ish) Words Preview

Wise(ish) Words

From £20

Heartfelt & witty wise(ish) advice you can customise to all kinds of occasions, interests and personalities.

The Book of Mum Preview

The Book of Mum

From £26

The ultimate celebration of everything that makes Mum so special, guaranteed to get the happy tears flowing.

The Book of Dad Preview

The Book of Dad

From £26

A special personalised keepsake to thank him for the good times, the bad jokes, and everything in between.

The Video of Everyone Preview

The Video of Everyone

It's free!

Celebrate special people on special occasions by creating a free video greeting for them from friends and family.

Personalised cards for everyone Preview

Personalised cards for everyone

From £4

Transform any occasion into a celebration. Personalise the text on the cover, enter a heartfelt message inside, or leave it blank and write it by hand to make it extra special.

The Book of Everyone Personalised Gifts

Who is The Book of Everyone?

Thanks for asking. We are a small multicultural team with hearts set on spreading a big fat dollop of wonderful across the world. With hundreds of thousands of gifts spread across 175 countries so far, we've made a start. We believe that a great gift should make the recipient feel unique and in some small way bring you closer to them.

How do I place an order with The Book of Everyone?

All our products can be fully customised by you on our site using our clever personalisation platform that we’ve filled with beautiful artwork and well-crafted copy. After checking out with your product you will be shown a preview of your product to make sure that it looks good and is ready to be printed!


Choose from our range of books for birthdaysmumsdadskidspartners and couples. Enter the name and if required the date of birth of the recipient and the name of the author/s. Then sit back for a few seconds and watch your 50-page book magically appear. Once your book has been built you can scroll through its pages and preview it’s content. The book builder will give you a hint when a page can be personalised by presenting a little 'you can edit' button at the bottom of each artwork. Once personalised choose which finish and extras you would like to add to your book and take it through to checkout.


To make a map enter the street name, postcode or the name of your memorable place and then select your desired location from the list generated by the search. You can edit the map by zooming in and out, positioning your map, adding, moving or removing markers (heart, star, pin, etc.), selecting the map style (including removing street names), writing a dedication and adding a photo. Choose from a range of sizes and superior quality frames before checking out with your map.

The Gift Generator

Using The Gift Generator is fun and easy. First you need to choose your message, you can personalise one of our funny heartwarming quotes and sayings or you can add your own personal message. Next, you'll be guided through the options to design your very own avatar (editing the clothing, colours, backgrounds and accessories). Finally, you can choose which product to print your unique design on. This could be a mug, coasters, canvas, art tile fridge magnet, journal, cushion or a blanket.

How much do The Book of Everyone gifts cost?

The cost of your gift depends on the finish, size, frame and product you choose. Use the links below to see the cost of our gifts:



The Gift Generator

The Video of Everyone

How long do The Book of Everyone gifts take to ship?

All our gifts are printed within 2-4 working days and will be shipped from one of our printers that is nearest to your delivery address, (our printers are based in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia). Use the links below to see the range of different shipping options for each product and destination.



The Gift Generator

How can I get in touch with The Book of Everyone?

We strive to answer tickets within 24 hours Monday - Friday. You can get in touch with us on our helpdesk at

Or you can call us on the following numbers Monday to Friday 9am-4pm GMT:

UK: +44 1355 209642

US: +1 855 218 8550

AUS: +61 8 6117 2948

Get this! A heartwarming, tear-jerking personalised gift.

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