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Why not make a book for the legends in your life?

All it takes is their name and date of birth to make the best gift they’ve never heard of - in minutes. Packed with beautiful artwork and fascinating facts all about them. It’s a keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come.

Celebrating Glasgow legends.

We believe that everyone deserves a book all about them. We’re all about the stories that make people unique. And Glasgow is full to the brim with unique stories.

We spoke to hundreds of people in Glasgow who have made personalised books - The Book Of Everyone - for the legends in their lives. Aunts who belly dance, Clowns who run marathons. Scout leaders who build hovercrafts. That’s why we’ve immortalised them across the city on bus sides, bus stops, and billboards.

Because who better to be the stars of the show than the people of Glasgow themselves?

Personalised books to immortalise legends

  •  All you need is their name and date of birth.
  •  Add your memories, messages, and photos.
  •  Preview (and play with!) every page before buying.
  •  As fun-filled, amazing, and one-of-a-kind as they are.

He is very difficult to buy for but he absolutely loved this. I really like how it can be personalised and will defenitely getting more.

Karen Bell

Loved the book... she thinks it's fab! Great birthday gift, thnk you!

Justine Danks

Brilliantly unique keepsakes for one-of-a-kind people

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Book of Dad


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Who’s behind The Book Of Everyone?

At the heart of The Book of Everyone is a mission to bring friends, family and partners closer through personalisation. We believe everyone deserves a book all about them.

We also think it’s really, very important to know that you share 50% of your DNA with a banana - or a billion atoms with Shakespeare.

It’s a daily labour of love that involves all our favourite artists, designers, and photographers.

Today, we are a multicultural team of writers, designers, technologists, marketers, and lifelong dreamers with hearts set on spreading a big fat dollop of wonderful across the world.