Let’s talk about January birthdays

Back to the beginning again! The first month of a new year, January is a clean slate and chance to get started on the right foot for the next twelve months.

You know the drill, some people join the gym or brave the weather for a run around the park. Some people make their annual effort to get started on that list of books they’ve been meaning. Others tentatively get cracking on learning a language or looking for a new job.

Amidst all the good intentions and the best laid plans, there are birthday to be celebrated! And there’s nothing quite like a January birthday bash to get the year started off right.

We’ve already explored June, July, August, September, OctoberNovember and December birthdays. Now it’s time to celebrate the first half of the calendar. Starting with January.

What kind of people are born in January? 

When it comes to star signs, the January-born are either high-climbing Capricorns or thirst-quenching Aquarians. Either way, their birthstone is garnet, a deep red gemstone that some believe keeps the wearer safe on their travels.

That seems appropriate for Janunauts. Known for their boundless energy and tireless enthusiasm, they love to throw themselves into a new challenge. They are pioneering types who are full of beans and full of dreams. Sounds right for people born with the rest of the year stretched out ahead of them like an open road. If it’s adventure you’re looking for, then get yourself a passport and head off into the yonder with your best born-in-January companion.

A recent survey of Janurists found that they think their best feature is their shapely ankles. It also turns out that their favourite guilty lazy meal is beans on toast – with just the right amount of  tuna mixed in. Sounds, erm, interesting…

One interesting perk of being born in a month once associated with the two-faced Roman god Janus: Januvians are blessed with being photogenic from any angle. That’s a touch of luck when it comes to shooting those holiday selfies on their travels.

Which famous people were born in January? 

January has a good chance of being named officially the brainiest month of the year to be born in. After all it’s given us the super smart science minds of Stephen Hawking and Sir Isaac Newton. Does that mean that without January birthdays there’d be no such thing as gravity and zero need to worry about getting sucked into a black hole? Quite possibly… 

But it’s not all lab coats and complex experiments, the first month of the year has also given us some pioneering creative types too. From literary types like Lord Of The Rings creator J.R.R. Tolkien and Lighthouse aficionado Virginia Woolf to musical geniuses like Mozart and David Bowie, January has produced more than a few cultural superstars.  

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday in January? 

Despite having adventurous spirits, people with January birthdays also know that not everyone likes battling the elements and overcoming the odds. So a lot of January birthdays are celebrated indoors.  

They are still anything but dull, though. After all the food and overindulging of December, a January birthday is a excuse to shake things up and get moving. As a kid, this means rounding up your mates and hitting the nearest bowling alley or roller rink for a few hours of fun. For adults, this is a chance to do something a little out of the ordinary. Indoor crazy golf anyone?

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