Let’s talk about September birthdays

What does it mean to be born in September? Are September babies as prone to change as the season they were born into? Do they especially love a cookout?

I’ve already dug deep into what’s wonderful about the children of June, July, and August. Onwards and upwards, to September we go.

What kind of people are born in September?

Let’s get this out of the way: a September birthday means you’re either Virgo (from the 1st through the 22nd) or Libra (from the 22nd through the 30th). The September birthstone is the sapphire and the birth flowers are the forget-me-not, morning glory and aster. But if you’re into that kind of fun, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about it.

Perhaps as a result of being born in the month that everyone goes back to school, September-born people tend to be hardworking and studious. For potential employers, that’s a boon. For the rest of us, the word “nerd” comes to mind. But they’re lovable nerds, with a rather goofy sense of humor that comes out after a bit of tipple.

People with birthdays in September are always trying to figure out how things work, which makes them particularly susceptible to those “hacking” trends. You know, like growth-hacking, productivity-hacking, body-hacking, and the like. If you know a person who wakes up each morning with butter-infused coffee followed by 15 sets of burpees and half an hour of meditation, you can bet they were born in September.

September is the month with the longest name of the year. It’s also the first month mentioned in the rhyme you use to remember how many days each month has. September babies glow with a little bit of pride every time you use it.

You can count on children of September to keep their word.

What famous people were born in September?

Basically, all the good ones. Beyoncé. Bill Murray. Roald Dahl. Louis C.K. Bernie Sanders. See?

Freddie Mercury was born on the 5th of September, back in 1946. And Louis XIV was born on the 5th of September, back in 1638. Coincidence? Definitely.

That guy with the giant hair who is sexy and he knows it was also born in September. Google tells me that his name is “Redfoo,” but I can’t imagine anyone actually calling him that.

Colonel Sanders of KFC was a real person, and he was born on September 9th, 1890. Dame Agatha Christie – also a real person – celebrated her birthday on the 15th of September.

What it’s like to celebrate your birthday in September

Having a September birthday means that, throughout growing up, you’ve been one of the very first to celebrate your birthdays in the class. This isn’t actually advantageous, since it means that most of the other kids didn’t know you well enough to want to come to your birthday party. Maybe that’s why you ended up just hunkering down and concentrating on your studies instead.

September birthdays tend to be mild-mannered affairs, even well into adulthood. Everyone’s pretty much had their fill of the summer by then, so quieter gatherings are the norm. Perhaps around a fire, if there’s a chill in the air. Someone might bring a guitar. And play Wonderwall.

As such, the September-born often feel discord between their hardworking ways and their secret longing for a bit of rabble-rousing. This can manifest in a severe fondness for sweeties.


  1. MY favorite September people:
    2 nephews, 1 niece, one of my most favorite sisters-in-law, but most importantly, my 2 Grandmas, my FAVORITE (former) mother-in-law, my youngest son and one of my stepsons ….
    Hope the balance of your week is great!!

    • So many September birthdays!! What a festive way to cap the summer. Does the description in the article match any/all of them, Linda?

      • People with birthdays in September are always trying to figure out how things work …
        Those words from your September Birthdays blog post jumped out at me and I just burst out laughing .. I had just told someone that very same thing: I want to know how things work ..how they’re made … etc. I still remember watching an episode of Sesame Street with my boys (DECADES ago) when a short clip of the Crayola factory was shown. I STILL want to go there and see how that’s done! Who can resist that smell?!?
        I think my September group has a mix of the attributes that you mentioned. But I surely do miss my 2 Grandmas and my former mother-in-law.

  2. Richard Piecewicz Reply

    The book of Jane was hilarious,a huge hit throughout the Family…
    I would have changed the personality profile that I chose
    to something a little more appropriate…. The overall impact was amazing… Very creative, original and intertainimg birthday gift. I am waiting for another occasion to fit your book into…



    • Thanks so much for letting me know how well The Book of Jane went over with the whole family, Richard! Any standout favourite pages in the book you made?

      We’ll be right here whenever you come across another occasion that calls for a book with someone’s name on the cover.

  3. ‘As such, the September-born often feel discord between their hardworking ways and their secret longing for a bit of rabble-rousing. This can manifest in a severe fondness for sweeties.’

    you have seen my soul. and my sweet addiction. Lovely article. I’m from South Africa, so the school year starts in Jan not Sep BUT my birthday always fell in a school holiday so it was always a small and quiet affair 🙂

    • Maggie Preshlenova Reply

      Thanks for writing in, Christy! My birthday is in April which in my school was exam season, so it was a frequent occurrence to have a test on my birthday. I would have dearly preferred the school holiday ? But in both cases the sweeties always redeem the day!

  4. Daughters of friends – Twins – born under the constellation of Virgo both as different from each other as chalk is from cheese. Your assessment is spot on.

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